The Reservoir

by Tungsten

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A numbing routine The same thing day after day A glimpse in a dream Of a wasteland burning away Drifting through life Like water over a stone Flashes of grief Always but never alone The old man has fallen Cut down by some fiend in the night Who let greed control him The flood gates crashing open In black lace she weeps at the grave So empty and broken Screaming who will be saved Tell me who will be saved No master no guide No path through the maze A rogue with suspicious designs Now stands in his place But life staggers on There's a lover to conquer While the paranoid tremble in fear The strong journey onwards
The sterile veil descends again A slaughtered rival; an anxious friend A twist of chance or some vicious trend a watchful eye seeks to understand Can you hear it? Do you feel it? Is there darkness closing in? Do you fight it? Do you like it? Feel it burning from within in? A time of perdition! A trace from the past! A sense of elision That slips from your grasp A chance for salvation Or mere flagellation A stain on the soul? A contamination? A black streak across the yellow line A near miss jars a nervous mind The widow cries out for a sign A darkened cloud bides its jealous time Can you hear it? Do you feel it? Is there darkness closing in? Do you fight it? Do you like it? Feel it burning from within? A time of perdition! A trace from the past! A sense of elision That slips from your grasp A chance for salvation Or mere flagellation A stain on the soul? A contamination? Struggling to move Held down by chains This raging inferno That burns in your name But still I return Time after time To this raging inferno That burns in my mind I don’t know just what I’ve become Someone tell me what I flee from
all this time pushing me away can't runaway all that time telling me to stay a waste of pain so much time taking in the pain i wont explain runaway
Malaise and fatigue A cloak of ennui draping around me Hysterical sickness a burden whose cure always eludes me Alone and awake Night wanders by Till dawn cracks the sky An hour of fear that’s lasted more than a year An illness inside me that crawls through my veins a channel of anger, confusion, and pain, A nightly design of unconscious domain a vision through shuttered grey eyes A somnolent thirst ever lurks in my throat Like a killer unsated despite victims smote a matriarch gone yields a trace of reproach another untimely demise Invader Humanity Rending of flesh a tragedy Searching your soul anxiety questions of guilt brutality Nightmare Each night it’s the same A city engulfed in an ocean of flame Dawn breaks The truth ever near the guilt of survival compounded by fear Desire Haven of lust Doctor C’mon help me please You must have some cure for this dangerous disease
Coda 01:26
El Dolor 05:54
for so long didn't know where i belong emptiness deep inside realize precious times unknown no stranger to the pain inside el dolor otra vez otra vez on my own i felt myself so numb taking in broken lies now this time things out of my control refuse to hide my wave goodbye el dolor no quiero el dolor de corazon una vez ya basta one time is enough Distant faces whisper my name Guided by the light into their flame This is where we sowed our hope From the depth of this well Searching for redemption
I'm running down The hall again I don’t know where I don’t know when The child’s gone around the bend Why she runs I can’t comprehend And suddenly They’re standing there Woman in white with golden hair A man in black I knew before Grabs the child and slams the door Nightmare sows the seed of doubt every time they shut me out Our psychic bond Remains unspoken But now these fears They are awoken
Deception Nightmare becomes a waking life A gentle touch can scorch and scald When reality is cloaked inside Redemption May lie behind a newfound door But sorrow is the threshold And honesty's the floor Progression A trauma buried deep within Shattered metal slicing hot Suddenly recalled again Repression A way to while the fragile time Repetition and attrition As the world slowly unwinds As I look back On those deceased I realize now They're part of me The one who's slain them Still can save them A symptom of A strange disease Every body In the ground Another feeling Shutting down But more than flashes They still are ashes But in a world Once lost, now found The more that you know The depths of your soul Oneiros will help you To maintain control It's destiny He cleanses the pain And helps you maintain But time marches onward And onward again Submerge in the brimstone if you ever want to return This is what she spoke about He took me in then threw me out A portrait of an ever twisted mourning The sun it warms my feeble skin To be real is to be real again A naked soul that calls out for adorning Footsteps take me very far I stumble to the reservoir The water's cold, I drink it as I weep I sit down on the forest ground Hold my breath as I lay down And drift into a deep and dreamless sleep


Hailing from Philadelphia, Tungsten has spent the last two years performing its own brand of progressive metal to captivated audiences in Philadelphia and New York City. Having honed their sound through explosive live performances, Tungsten took to the studio in Summer of 2013 to record their material. The result is The Reservoir, the band’s debut LP, an album that captures the band’s signature sound: progressive metal that is dark, innovative, and creative, but still bursting at the seams with classic metal attitude that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Drawing on influences both timeless (Iron Maiden, Rush, Pink Floyd) and modern (Opeth, Mastodon), The Reservoir features inventive riffs, soaring guitar harmonies, bombastic drumming, and the commanding vocals of Philly’s most intense frontwoman.


released January 14, 2014

All music and lyrics written, arranged, and performed by Tungsten. (c) 2013 (Grossberg, Jones, Martinez, McCall, Salman, Wieme).


all rights reserved



Tungsten Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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